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“Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember the men and women who sacrificed their lives to make our freedom and democracy possible! These courageous service people fought for our rights, giving Americans a life of liberty and justice. Each year families gather to honor their fathers, sons, mothers or daughters who lost their lives to preserve our country. Some of us decorate their grave sites with flags and flowers to recognize their ultimate contributions. I think that this year we should also remember and honor all the first responders who lost their lives during this battle against the Covid-19 virus to keep us safe.  In addition, many veterans who bravely served our country unfortunately lost their lives during this pandemic.  This holiday takes on a special meaning for us to commemorate all who help keep us well and safe!

Normally, on Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis we commence summer with annual rituals of opening the pools, reuniting with family members for backyard barbecues and “starting our engines!” This year we will be celebrating in the many different ways we are most comfortable under the guidance of keeping us safe!  Although, the 500-mile race is postponed until August, there are still several socially- acceptable distancing activities we can do this weekend. Please take time to relax and spend time with your family this holiday weekend!

Memorial Day

Stars American FlagBook Suggestions

There are some excellent children books that inform and explain Memorial Day. Reading these books is a great way to teach our students about the meaning of this holiday!

The Wall

by Eve Bunting

Rolling Thunder

by Kate Messner

The Poppy Lady

by Barbara Elizabeth Walsh


Tribute to All Our New 2019/2020 Tutors

Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring would like to recognize all the first-year volunteers who made a difference in the lives of students this year! Seventy new tutors joined us this year! We thank you for becoming a part of our tutoring program and we are grateful for your flexibility during this most unusual finish to the school year! Please read some comments by teachers about our contribution and impact on their students.

A teacher from Pike wrote, “Huge shout out to my tutor. She started with two of my kiddos in the beginning of the year, but they both moved away within two weeks. My tutor was so flexible and happily worked with two different students without missing a beat, and continued to build amazing relationships with her two new kiddos that was assigned.”

American Boy“My student was always so excited when he realized it was the day, he got to meet his Oasis tutor. She really helped him to be a risk taker and to have confidence with his reading and writing,” said a Washington Township teacher.

Another educator stated, “I have three students going with two different Oasis tutors this year. The children are so excited to see them and go with them every week. I have seen a lot of growth academically and behaviorally with the students. They are students who really needed that extra one-on-one time!”

Although, we are sad to see this school year end, we take comfort in knowing that our tutoring program makes a significant difference in the success of our students

District Coordinator Spotlight – Erin Mohr

Erin MohrThis week we are proud to introduce our newest coordinator from Hamilton Southeastern Schools. Erin Mohr is the High Ability Coordinator for the district, as well as the Oasis facilitator!  Below are her comments.

“Did you know that no matter who is in the classroom or what they are doing, year after year kids react the same way to the first snowflakes?  They dash to the window.  They climb over one another to get a good view.  They cheer and smile.  They talk about how soon they can make a snowman.  Every. Single. Year.

The first day that snow falls is the reason I became a teacher.  When I was a freshman at Indiana University, I was walking out of the business school (my original major) one day and noticed the first snow of the year.  I looked around for my excitement to be reflected in the reactions of others…and it wasn’t there.  I decided then and there that I was not among “my people” and decided to spend my life among children by becoming a teacher!  It was truly one of those small moments in life that changed everything for me.  I am grateful that each winter offers me the chance to remember why I do what I do.  I imagine that this special feeling of spending time with children is what brings many of our Oasis tutors to this work!

I began my teaching career at the age of 21 and taught for 15 years at Fishers Elementary in Hamilton Southeastern Schools.  Afterwards, I became an instructional coach, supporting teachers to provide authentic, meaningful learning experiences.  I now serve as High Ability Coordinator for HSE Schools and also have the opportunity to work with our Oasis tutors and talk about great books and a mutual joy of sharing the love of reading with children!  My favorite books include Harry Potter for older kids and Elephant and Piggie for the younger ones!

I have been married to my husband Hank for 16 years, and we have three active little girls!  Julianne is 11, Kayleigh is 9, and Charlie is 6.  During this time at home, Hank and I have both been very busy with our jobs and supporting virtual learning with all three of our kids.  We also added a new puppy to the mix!  We now have two golden retrievers; Scarlett and Griswold.  As a family, we love water – boating, beach vacations, and we just put in a swimming pool last year!  I love golf, reading, and being around kids!”

Tutor Survey

Oasis Tutoring asks all Tutors, Teachers, Principals/Building Liaisons and District Facilitators to participate in the annual Oasis tutoring survey. It is important as it provides Oasis feedback for improvement of the program and measurable data to report to funders. Thank you in advance for taking a moment to share this year’s tutoring experiences prior to the Covid-19 break.

Helpful tips for taking the survey:

  1. Taking the survey on a laptop or desktop computer is recommended instead of a mobile device or tablet.
  2. After clicking on the link provided, click on the role you serve in the program (“Tutor”).
  3. You may receive other requests or reminders to take the survey, please only take it once.
Tutoring Survey Button

Tutor Tuesday

click to readThe Tutor Tuesday blog has a literacy lesson focused on reading to the child.  From the very start, children perceive themselves as readers.  It is our goal as Oasis tutors, to provide models to encourage their early eagerness.  When we read to them, they hear new vocabulary, add new concepts to their memories, understand sentence structure and gather information about life experiences.

Three Oasis Tutors from New York City share their favorite books via video.  Also there is an opportunity to get to know Kyra Giles, Coordinator of the Oasis Intergenerational Tutoring Program in partnership with Union Settlement in New York City in the Facilitator Shout Out.

We want to hear from youWe want to hear from you!

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Enjoy the summer!

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