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We want to stay connected with you as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. Following the guidelines set by the health and government authorities Indianapolis Oasis will continue with limited in-person classes as well as online presentations via Zoom. We look forward to seeing you.

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Indianapolis Oasis Reopening and Sanitation Policy

In keeping with the CDC, health system and governing authorities we welcome Oasis members to return to limited in-person class offerings. Guidelines may change as new recommendations from the CDC are released.

The following guidelines will be followed in all Indianapolis Oasis locations:

  • Oasis will be practicing social distancing.
  • Class sizes for all classrooms will be limited-Washington Park 12 fitness/16 LLL, Broad Ripple 12 fitness/16 LLL, Healthplex 12 fitness/20 LLL and Greenwood 12 fitness
  • Mats and/or equipment may be utilized in fitness classes. Must take home.
  • Masks will be required for all participants, volunteers and staff at all times with the exception of staff while they are in their private offices.
  • Each day Oasis will complete sanitizing processes in common areas, bathrooms and classrooms – Indianapolis Healthplex and First Baptist Church Greenwood locations may differ -Oasis will follow guidelines set by these identities.
  • Gloves will be used by staff during sanitizing.
  • Oasis will check participants in for each class.
  • Oasis will not provide paper handouts or require evaluations for classes.
  • Classroom floors will be marked for chair placement for exercise and lifelong learning classes. Indianapolis Healthplex and First Baptist Church Greenwood locations may differ – Oasis will follow guidelines set by these identities.
  • Hand and spray sanitizer will be placed on tables outside of classrooms for participants.
  • Hand washing signs will be posted in all Oasis locations.

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Fall Classes

We advise taking social-distancing precautions that include:

  1. Avoid close conversations and maintain distance between yourself and others in both one-on-one and small group encounters.
  2. Ritualize frequent hand sanitizing and hand washing and be mindful of objects you touch often – your phone, keys, wallet – that could transfer disease even after you have self-sanitized. When possible, re-sanitize hands after touching frequently held objects AND sanitize those objects with disinfecting wipes.
  3. Avoid large gatherings when possible, and practice 1 and 2 above during and after all interactions.
  4. Health professionals recommend avoiding plane, train, and other shared travel unless absolutely necessary, and have escalated that recommendation to include all non-essential activities.
  5. At the first signs of infection, contact a health professional you trust and get evaluated. There is evidence that COVID-19 has an infection “tipping point” and early intervention leads to better outcomes.
  6. Finally: Don’t panic. If you are practicing social distancing and are engaging in good self-care, then you are unlikely to get sick. Eat well. Get sleep. Go for a long walk when the weather is nice. Continue to think about good hygiene at all times, wash your hands frequently and clean frequent touch points.

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