Oasis Hi-Impact Tutoring program needs 300 tutors to help change the lives of children in grades 1 through 3 in IPS.

Oasis tutors work one-on-one with the same student, throughout the school year in multiple sessions. Training, books, materials, supplies and other resources are supplied by Oasis Indianapolis.

Two-day training sessions will be held July 22 & 23 and July 28 & 29

For more information, contact Oasis on the web, www.OasisIndy.org or call: 317-396-3751. 

Oasis Hi-Impact Tutoring Program – Finalist for the IMPACT 100 Grant
The Indianapolis Oasis Hi-Impact Tutoring Program was honored by being one of five community programs who were finalists for this year’s IMPACT 100 Grant of $100,000. One of the goals of the IMPACT 100 organization is to educate members about community issues and how those issues are being addressed. Each year the grant is awarded to one nonprofit organization in the Greater Indianapolis area. While the Oasis Hi-Impact Tutoring Program did not receive the $100,000 grant, a generous monetary contribution was awarded to the tutoring program. The IMPACT 100 Education Committee recognized the importance of the Oasis Hi-Impact Tutoring Program and the positive effect it has on helping children learn to read.
Think back in your life. Who helped you learn to read? How would your life have changed if you had not learned to read at an early age? Now imagine a caring older adult, with a lifetime of wisdom and experience, wanting to give back. What gets that tutor up every day? If you ask those volunteer tutors, they would tell you it’s knowing that they can make a difference in a struggling child’s life. Having this experience keeps them feeling well, gives them a reason for living, and makes them feel valued. Now think about this precious child, a struggling reader. What gets this child up every day? It’s the fact that there is an Oasis tutor waiting at their classroom who makes them feel special. The tutor says to the child, “You are important to me. You are somebody special. You can do this! You can read. You can become president if you want.”
What makes the Oasis Hi-Impact Tutoring Program work? It is the Oasis tutor, working one-on-one with the same student, throughout the school year in multiple sessions. They meet together; they share. They read stories. They work on reading skills and write in their journal. And they create a genuine bond. They’re a team! The Oasis tutor is able to help that struggling child with building self-confidence that allows the child to take a risk in the classroom and to become successful in school.
You can make a difference in your community! You can become an Oasis tutor by joining Oasis. Membership is free and includes our 64-page course magazine published three times per year. For more information, contact Oasis on the web, www.OasisIndy.org or call: 317-396-3751.